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M.D. Coverley       


News on the HORIZON:  The NEXT and the Electronic Literature Lab launch

a Retrospective of the fiction work of M.D. Coverley -- November 5, 2021, curated

by Dene Grigar.  Link to The NEXT.   Link to the Exhibition. Link to the video pf the Launch Party.


More News

Electronic Literature Collection 4 is publishing

Legends of Michigami: Prairie Chants (2019)

Riding the Rust Belt  with Eric Luesebrink (2018)



Califia (2000), UNDER RESTORATION, Documentations and Califia Reimagined

Egypt: The Book of Going Forth by Day (2006) - UNDER RESTORATION
Documentation and Aegypt: The Restoration Project

Pacific Surfliner: San Juan Capistrano (2017)

Legends of Michigami:  Prairie Chants  Riding the Rust Belt with Eric Luesebrink (2018)

Fingerprints on Digital Glass - short web pieces

The 2015 Fukushima Pinup Calendar